LEGO + appreciation at work

An experience that your team will never forget!

This 4h interactive workshop focuses on building meaningful connections between team members, unleashing creativity and fostering a culture of appreciation, open communication and collaboration.

It combines the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology with theory and practice about appreciation at work to help the team members bond and understand each other better while having a lot of fun and doing something that is one-of-a-kind and unforgettable.


What to expect?

High engagement, valuable learnings and a renewed sense of team spirit that will carry on long after the workshop ends. This is a Team Day where actionable insights go hand in hand with a lot of fun and laughter! We will be building with the LEGO bricks throughout the entire workshop, both individually and in groups.

Who is this for?

Teams of under 15 that want to co-create a positive workplace culture and understand what drives and what drains individual team members at work.

Teams that want to show more appreciation to each other, learn about 5 languages of appreciation at work and discover which one they already speak fluently, and which one is new.

Teams who are keen to take a break from the demands of their daily jobs and are ready to engage in a genuinely entertaining activity as a group, but don’t want to compromise on results.


“Thank you very much for your energy and skills yesterday. We had a fantastic day, and I went home with a smile, knowing that this team will do great things together.”

J.B. team leader in a technology company

“Thank you for joining us at our HR Team Day and your workshop about appreciation at work, communication and collaboration using LEGO Serious Play! From planning to delivery of the program you have been a pleasure to work with and it was such a quick turnaround! Building metaphors with LEGO bricks made it easier to communicate what drives and what frustrates us at work and knowing how we like to show and receive gratitude at work will help us bond further as a team. We were surprised about the amount of insights and hands-on practice in such a short time, and loved your positive energy and how engaged everyone was. I hope we will have another opportunity to work with you in the near future.”

Kathrin Choffat Head of HR Switzerland, VP The Adecco Group

“Anna and Patrycja facilitated a Lego Serious Play workshop for our team of engineers with the goal to get hands-on experience with applying our design strategies and making decisions as a group. It was fantastic to see how building out solutions for tasks outside of our everyday work using Lego bricks allowed the team members to boost their own creative abilities and discover inventive and innovative approaches to problem solving. On top of that, the exercises brought out people’s different personalities in a very positive way and enabled us to identify each other’s strengths when it comes to decision making. Anna and Patrycja did an exceptional job in creating a safe environment and they inspired the whole team with their enthusiasm and positive energy. Thank you both for the smooth planning and creation of this custom workshop and for introducing us to the magical world of Lego.”

Lisa Stähli
Senior Product Engineer at Esri

It’s time to get out of your head, use LEGO to think with your hands instead, and to build, share, learn and grow together.

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